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  • Improve cellular function, Reduce inflammation, Recover faster, Sleep better.

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Improve cellular function, Reduce inflammation, Recover faster, Sleep better. Shop Now

Red Light Is Energy For Your Cells

How It Works

Discover The Tech Behind It All

Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of Red and Near-Infrared Light. Studies published by, Harvard Health, WebMD, the National Center for Biotechnical Information (NCBI),  and other private and public agencies are everywhere. You’re here because you want to take advantage of the life-changing impacts that only RedShift Technology has to offer.

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Uncover The RedShift Difference

The positive effects of RedShift therapy on the immune system include boosting Promoting ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production. The performance of red light boosts this performance, allowing cells to function optimally, replicate successfully, and fight any infections

Get a head start on and off the field with the RedShift Difference.

How would you like to experience a total cellular boost?

your overall health


From direct and targeted therapy sessions to total body therapy solutions, our world-class tech can do it all.

Industry Proven

RedShift is continually advancing the field of Red Light technology and is here to help you see the best the industry has to offer.

Powerful Function

Certified Red Light therapy devices designed to focus on what you need are why customers love RedShift. A total wellness solution.

A Red Light Therapy You Can Count On

By harnessing a very specific amount of visible and nonvisible wavelengths, RedShift products can give you the advanced benefits you want. Certified and approved for use means that you can finally enjoy true 21st century Red Light tech.

Here’s How It Works

Stimulating your body to rejuvenate itself is a natural miracle. The human body is a powerful machine capable of restoring itself back to perfect health. Sometimes, our environment, diet, and many other factors can get in the way. Introducing Red Light Therapy, a natural way of stimulating total recovery.

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Our Products

Home Use

RedShift Max

Red Shift Max

Designed for home use, RedShift Max is here to make Red Light Therapy simple. Simply turn on the machine and enjoy. Using a variety of Red Light and Near-Infrared Light technology, you can customize a treatment designed to revolutionize your life.

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RedShift Ultra

Are you a salon owner, physical trainer, or sports coach? RedShift Ultra comes equipped with the power to give your business a boost. Help your clients recover faster and improve their overall performance through enhanced cellular function.

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Why RedShift?

Because everyone loves added benefits. Check it out.

Advanced Red/NIR LED Therapy

RedShift products leverage wavelengths scientifically proven to be effective. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, regrow hair, treat acne, speed up muscle recovery and enhance your life. The power of Red Light Therapy awaits.

International Shipping

Every fan of Red Light Therapy deserves access to RedShift Technology. International shipping gives our friends overseas quick and easy access to powerful Red Light devices. Simply enter in your shipping information during checkout.

24/7 Customer Service

Have questions? Don't worry, so do we. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss how we can help you get the most value out of your RedShift Max or RedShift Ultra products. Because you deserve the best.

Help Your Cells Harness the Power Of RedShift

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RedShift's products provide such an amazing experience! Not only is the light beautifully constructed and robust, but the remote and custom settings makes it easy to quickly treat myself in my home.

Customer image

Jamie Shelton

The welcome package was a great. From eye protection, to the wall hanger, it made it easy to get set up and rounded out the therapy light package as a whole. 

Customer image

Jessie Nguyen

I would highly recommend the membership package and personal plan. I received access to a professional who has a deep understanding of red light therapy and has used it to treat patients for years. They listened to what I wanted to achieve and help me dial in a therapy treatment that helped me accomplish my goals. Love it!

Customer image

Martin Jackman


Evidence of Red Light Therapy on Weight Loss

Jul 01, 2023 Wambui Mugo

Majority of studies have shown that red light therapy can result in a slight reduction in fat after a minimum of six treatments.

Can I Use Red Light Therapy to Lose Weight

Jun 01, 2023 Wambui Mugo

Red light therapy has become a popular technique for weight loss, body sculpting, diminishing cellulite, and enhancing skin.

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